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Your Color Is Your Brand Too

Consistent color use across logos, packaging of products, and the predominant color in ads are a significant factor in the recall of that brand later on. For example, if you enter in a room and see a red drink can on a table, due to years of association and conditioning you might instantly think it is a can of Coca-Cola®; in the same situation if the can was blue, you might think it’s a Pepsi® and so on. This is correlation between color, consistency, and brand recognition.


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Diving Deep into your Color

Diving Deep into your Color

You know color matters - but how? Colors can arouse powerful emotions, thoughts and memories. Colors also capture attention, engage and motivate. When looking at your brand and/or marketing, chances are there is a synergy between what color can do and one of the core goals you have set for your social media efforts. Let’s take a deeper look into what colors can evoke in humans!


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